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OSNews, Generic OSes This is a review of the new VMware Fusion 1.0 for Mac. The article takes an in-depth look at the new virtualization software from VMware and compares it to Parallels Desktop 3.0.
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I found the review quite biased. For instance, I read "With Fusion’s Unity view mode OS X’s expose function worked perfectly with the Windows application – something not available in Parallels 3.0.".

The thing is, it is not totally true: if two Windows window are overlapped, the result is quite funny with Exposé and it can be difficult to find the good window because its picture is mixed with another windows.

It is also a shame they did not totally implemented the access to the taskbar with Unity: it becomes quite difficult to use applications like Messenger (I know, there is a trick to make it appears, but it is less flexible than with Parallels' Coherence).

The good surprise is the CPU consumption, it takes clearly less resources than Parallels. I love when my Macbook does not launch its fans :-)

There are pros and cons in both products. Parallels seems more polished, but Fusion seems more robust.

My conclusion is I think the Parallels/Fusion apparition will create great competitions and will push both teams to implement innovative ideas, correct bugs...

But I fear there will be only one winner...

In the meanwhile, I love my macbook: without efforts, I have the attractive GUI of Mac OS X, I can use all my Windows applications, and I can easily interact with unix systems.

Hurrah for Fusion and Parallels!

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