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Apple Apple has released new iMacs, with a new interior (up to 2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo) as well as new exterior (thinner, with a black back, as well as black 'eyeliner' around the screen), including a new keyboard, during a press event in Cupertino today. Apple also released new version of its iLife and iWork suites. iLife has seen updates on all its applications, while iWork has also received a new spreadsheet application called Numbers. Update: The Mac Mini has been updated too.
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by theGrump on Tue 7th Aug 2007 21:45 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: DOWN FANBOY, HEEL"
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"Well sure, those items sell, and there's a definite market for them, but they don't sell well compared to cheaper, more pedestrian products."

want to compare profit margins on ferraris and toyota camrys? smaller audience does not mean smaller profit.

"What percentage of new cars today (in the US, at least) are sold with a manual transmission, 10%?"

but these models continue to sell well, as do the other "not simple" products i described, and they have sold well over decades...clearly people want these products. clearly some people will sacrifice simplicity for control in certain cases.

and really, are PCs that much more complex? or did you really believe the contrived comparison diagram with the dell?

the only difference between a standard desktop pc and the imac is two cords: monitor video input and monitor power cable. thats it.

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