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Gnome "About half a year ago I was looking around me and seeing stagnation in the GNOME community. I was concerned that GNOME had lost its momentum and that we were just making boring incremental releases that added very little new functionality. I think I was very wrong. I'd like to take this time to list some things that are happening right now in the GNOME community that have me very excited. These are the projects that are actively improving the future of the GNOME desktop." Let's hope a punctuation checker will be part of GNOME too. One Aaron is enough.
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RE[8]: Vala looks great
by ideasman42 on Wed 8th Aug 2007 04:09 UTC in reply to "RE[7]: Vala looks great"
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agree- you wouldnt want to base a larger project on shedskin, but as an example of the speed of a translated language. its not bad. - vala also dosnt have to worry about matching C# 100%.

the argument that a translated language would be slow is misinformed, because it depends on what your translating.

imagine you wanted to make C more like python. you could start by removing braces for implicit indented blocks, replace && with 'and', remove the ; at the end of each line, comments and so on... eventually youd need to deal with some tricky stuff like inline functions. but you could make C more python like with zero slowdown if you wanted.

Of course the changes would be superficial and if you wanted to implement exceptions or classes youd have to take a few weeks of work ;) - and it would not be that fast. but Vala uses C types so it dosnt have the same problem python does when being translated into a lower level language.

not a bad example of vala

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