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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Motorola last month quietly shipped its first Linux-based RAZR2 V8 phone "bound for North America," in its words. Additionally, the world's third-largest handset vendor (Motorola was passed up by Samsung this year) is offering new "MotoMAGX" tools supporting native Linux third-party apps.
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RE[2]: Let's hope...
by agentj on Wed 8th Aug 2007 05:22 UTC in reply to "RE: Let's hope..."
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In Symbian world of signed software:

I don't think you need TCB or AllFiles capabilities. You can sign software with most caps for free (as a freeware).

If you need advanced capabilities, the software must be tested for any bugs in the testhouse (unless the developer has an agreement).

The good thing is that most people are not able to sign pirated software which requires advanced capabilities with developer certificates - at least getting the dev cert with e.g. MultimediaDD or DRM is much harder.

If need some symbian- or manufacturer-approved capability and have good business reasons for it you're likely to get it.

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