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Apple Apple has released new iMacs, with a new interior (up to 2.8Ghz Core 2 Duo) as well as new exterior (thinner, with a black back, as well as black 'eyeliner' around the screen), including a new keyboard, during a press event in Cupertino today. Apple also released new version of its iLife and iWork suites. iLife has seen updates on all its applications, while iWork has also received a new spreadsheet application called Numbers. Update: The Mac Mini has been updated too.
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RE[3]: Nvidia DRIVERS
by exigentsky on Wed 8th Aug 2007 07:41 UTC in reply to "RE: Nvidia"
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The heat issue is overblown. It's true that higher performance graphics cards are usually a bit hotter, unless you go for an overclocked one, the difference is marginal. In fact, the trend has been for cooler cards. The next Nvidia car, the 8800M is stated to use even less energy than the 8600M.

Secondly, why would I want to pay for a graphics card twice? But beyond that, it's not clear that an Nvidia 8800 Ultra (for a Mac Pro) would also have the appropriate drivers for OS X. In fact, it's not only unclear, it is very improbably that there would be the appropriate drivers.

BTW: Another thing that sort of bothers me is that the iMac is using laptop class processors. This means it's going to be slower but consume less power and generate less heat. However, if it isn't really faster than a Macbook Pro, why bother to even get a desktop. Of course there are some reasons: bigger screen, more hard disk space, better graphics etc., but to me, the greatest benefit of a desktop has always been better performance (and thus a better processor). Having the iMac use laptop processors blurs the line between desktops and laptops.

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