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Windows In a move that will likely only further confuse the situation surrounding Vista Service Pack 1, Microsoft has posted for public download two updates that were released to beta testers last month. The patches improve Vista performance and reliability, along with the operating system's compatibility with drivers and hardware. Some of the changes include better file copy performance, faster boot times, improved compatibility with newer graphics cards, and better performance in games with advanced visuals.
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although I'm still unsure how 6 years is really rushing out a product.

Vista was not developed in 6 years. It began 2 years after XP SP2 was released, and at one point the whole project was restarted (they ctrl+alt+del the project!)

I originally wanted to post a reply mocking Vista for taking so long to develop yet still end up released unfinished with glaring bugs. Then I started searching for the actual amount of time it took to develop Vista. From what I've found, it seems most of the work put into Vista happened in the last 2 years (2005 - 2007).

(I don't actually read either zdnet nor infoworld, it's just what came up in my search, don't hate me).

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