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Apple Ars has reviewed the brand new iMac. They conclude: "The Intel Macs are fast, the majority of apps have been released as Universal Binaries, and Apple's product line - including the new iMac - is in a good place. The iMac is also competitive on price with other all-in-one PCs, so if you absolutely love the all-in-one form factor, the iMac is one of lower-priced options available. If you've been holding on to your Power PC Mac and waiting for the right time to make the big switch to Intel, the appearance of the new iMac marks an excellent opportunity." CNet also has a review.
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Apple is meeting the needs of consumers each of which have different requirements and budgets.

As for the 20" laptop comment I've never seen 20" laptops being practical. After all I had to special order my laptop case just for my 17" MacBook Pro which is larger than what most people carry around these days. 20" is just far to big to be portable and would be like carrying a painters portfolio case.

I'm considering the new iMac 24" for the home office and to continue using the MBP on the road. I can always sync the two with .Mac service and the iMac is definitely more space concious than the Mac Pro desktop. My only real complaint is the graphics and keyboard. I thought Apple switched to using NVIDIA graphics for the MBP so why didn't they do the same for the iMac? Also the keyboard doesn't seem very ergonomic and would increase wrist strain with prolonged usage.

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