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Qt A Trolltech employee explains how Qt 4.4 will eliminate current problems with redrawing artifacts and poor resizing performance, using windowless child widgets.
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fpGUI (Free Pascal GUI Toolkit)
by ggeldenhuys on Fri 10th Aug 2007 16:58 UTC
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How funny is this. Just a month ago I rewrote my fpGUI (Free Pascal GUI Toolkit) which was based on a windowless framework to being a windowed framework. My experience was the opposite. ;) My event handling and redrawing was a nightmare with the windless design. The code is now much cleaner and performance is much better using the windowed (every widget has a window handle) design.

Going windowless, you have to handle more events, distribute events, handle window clipping, etc... A lot more work, considering the underlying windowing system can handle all of that for you! I do agree on the fact that a windowless design is more lightweight, but allocating resources on todays systems are not a issue anymore like they used to be years ago.

For more info on fpGUI go to

My 2c worth.

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