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BeOS & Derivatives "There is a sub-genre of historical fiction one could loosely call 'what-ifs'. The computer industry also has a number of such obvious what if scenarios. What if Bill Gates and Paul Allen hadn't lucked into the IBM contract for DOS, which was the basis for Microsoft's eventual hegemony? What if the UNIX operating system hadn't split into several minor variants, but gone on to become what Linux later became, only a decade or two before? What if BeOS had gone on to succeed on the desktop...?"
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What If?
by oomingmak on Sat 11th Aug 2007 00:46 UTC
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I have often wondered about this myself, and I posted a message to that effect on here a month ago.

I still think that it's an incredible shame that things turned out the way they did. Back then, Microsoft seemed totally invincible (with Windows being pretty much the only OS that most users would ever consider using). Also, the possibility of owning a home computer with any kind of SMP was just a pipe dream.

Yet today here we are with significant numbers of computer users becoming increasingly disillusioned with Vista (and Microsoft in general) and wondering what alternative OS they can use instead on their everyday 64bit core2duo's (or even quad core gaming rigs etc).

Be was a fantastic OS (even way back then) so after 10 further years of development (and with the computer landscape being the way it is at the moment) then this really could have been the tipping point for Be.

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