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BeOS & Derivatives "There is a sub-genre of historical fiction one could loosely call 'what-ifs'. The computer industry also has a number of such obvious what if scenarios. What if Bill Gates and Paul Allen hadn't lucked into the IBM contract for DOS, which was the basis for Microsoft's eventual hegemony? What if the UNIX operating system hadn't split into several minor variants, but gone on to become what Linux later became, only a decade or two before? What if BeOS had gone on to succeed on the desktop...?"
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grateful to BeOS
by JohnMG on Sat 11th Aug 2007 04:13 UTC
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I'm grateful we had BeOS for a while, if only so that we experienced the "now *this* is how it's done" factor. Being a non-free OS though, I think it was destined for failure in the long-term.

As for a new and free OS to rise up and take its place, I'm not holding my breath.

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