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Linux KernelTrap offers an informative look back in time at the November 1991 release of the 0.10 Linux kernel, continuing their historical series of articles about the early beginnings of Linux. Quite entertaining is a quote from Linus Torvalds talking about when he accidentally deleted the Minix partition that he was developing Linux from, causing him to make Linux usable for more than just reading and posting to newsgroups. The article also discusses the creation of the linux-activists mailing list, offering browsable archives of that first Linux discussion forum, full of interesting gems. And finally it describes the first Linux distribution, MCC Interim, which was created and used by the University of Manchester to teach C programming and UNIX.
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by predictor on Sun 12th Aug 2007 10:39 UTC
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Well, this shows that Linus' word is not gospel. He made a lot of silly comments and tons of design f--kups for others to clean up.

That said, boy, that's one clever dude.

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