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Linux The true reason for this article is to point out some sensitive points and to start a discussion. Hopefully, this discussion will produce some useful outcome and if some people in the Linux community are willing to listen to them, I would already be very enthusiastic. Let's start, shall we?
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by somebody on Mon 11th Jul 2005 18:30 UTC
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Sorry, for not replying directly, but FFox under OSX doesn't work???

Lets take on your consistancy, and since OSX is currently in my hands...

1. some apps use system trashcan to delete, some don't???
2. Again my previous post about installing with drag'n'drop (somewhere in the middle)
3. Network,Go to folder and Connect to server??? Same thing, different approach
4. Terminal, folder structure is different than GUI one???
5. Everytime Finder crashes, it changes order of desktop icons???
6. Search in 10.3 Finder window spells everywhere, why this isn't everywhere
7. Got 3 Library and after installation software stores its data wherever possible. For example removing Acrobat is not a simple drag Acrobat to trash. It is stored in:
systemdisk/library/application support/adobe/acrobat
user/library/application support/adobe/acrobat
user/library/acrobat user data
+ location where you actualy installed acrobat
and god only knows where else
8. Webdav and ftp with finder never worked as it should, but it works wrong different with every system update
9. Printers, time to figure out how to print to a file (PS, not PDF with Acrobat), or how intuitive *NOT* this configuration is compared to the others
10. Desktop icons covering one another when apperaring, I now have at least 5 icons in my lower right corner (not every icon, just every once in a while)
11. Not every action shows that anything is happening, it is better none than some (at least it is consistant)
12. Closing last document, and not closing application?
13. Inconsistant Open and Save allover the system. sometimes it is a dialog sometimes not, sometimes offers you different location selection, while sometimes two?
14. Buttons on dialogs are either at the bottom centred, bottom right or right top?

I'm only naming few things present from 10.0 to 10.3.last, tiger is some dissapointment I actualy wouldn't like to see. As soon as I saw how slow spotlight is (on 3 weeks old 17" powerbook it lasted 5 seconds to start showing results and about 12 to finish), I saw that nothing new has happened.

And believe me, I have a list of them. You can call them bugs, just as I call inconsistancy 3 different looks of applications.

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