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SCO, Caldera, Unixware SCO has published a statement after the court ruling in their case against Novell: "The company is obviously disappointed with the ruling issued last Friday. However, the court clearly determined that SCO owns the copyrights to the technology developed or derived by SCO after Novell transferred the assets to SCO in 1995." And at the end: "Although the district judge ruled in Novell's favor on important issues, the case has not yet been fully vetted by the legal system and we will continue to explore our options with respect to how we move forward from here."
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RE: I'm wondering...
by flanque on Mon 13th Aug 2007 21:18 UTC in reply to "I'm wondering..."
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This SCO case is really getting old and as time goes on SCO are being more unambiguously exposed as having shaky legal platforms for launching their case.

I think the worst thing that has come out of this for SCO is that their image amongst the very people who would be most likely to recommend solutions has been severely tarnished.

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