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General Development "A good programming language is far more than a simple collection of features. My ideal is to provide a set of facilities that smoothly work together to support design and programming styles of a generality beyond my imagination. Here, I briefly outline rules of thumb (guidelines, principles) that are being applied in the design of C++0x. Then, I present the state of the standards process (we are aiming for C++09) and give examples of a few of the proposals such as concepts, generalized initialization, being considered in the ISO C++ standards committee. Since there are far more proposals than could be presented in an hour, I'll take questions." Dr. Bjarne Stroustrup is the original designer and implementer of the C++ Programming Language.
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RE[5]: C: Esperanto
by falemagn on Mon 13th Aug 2007 22:41 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: C: Esperanto"
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Macros can change the way we think about truth.

As already said, blame the programmer, not the tool.

What's so bad about this?:

// stuff

The fact that you need to invoke the unLock() method explicitely, which is prone to error and is the reason for using the macro in the first place.

You shouldn't need a special class to have a bounds-checked array.

Why not?

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