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Windows Microsoft has had to create a new build of Windows XP Professional for computer makers because the six-year-old operating system's continued popularity has nearly exhausted the supply of product activation keys. The new build, dubbed SP2c, includes no fixes or feature changes, but was created simply to address the shrinking pool of product keys. XP Pro SP2c, which has been released to manufacturing, will be made available to OEMs and system builders next month, said Microsoft.
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RE: 98?
by solidsnake on Tue 14th Aug 2007 02:10 UTC in reply to "98?"
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I still run Win98 because I can put it on as many computers as I want as many times as I want. There are a few "Unofficial Upgrade" packs that improve it's performance too. A few weeks ago I replaced my parent's computer but needed an operating system for it. Since they are AOL dial up subscribers, I had to use Windows. The computer was too old for Vista and I could not get my hands on a real copy of XP. But hey, I had an old Win98 disc laying around. Worked just fine for their needs.

(Now I really wish AOL would make a linux version so I can get my parents away from Windows altogether)

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