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Linux "Deciding whether a particular computer is a good candidate for installing GNU/Linux can involve a nightmare of details about hardware compatibility. Nor is assembling a custom computer on which to run GNU/Linux any easier. In both cases, you need to evaluate video cards, sound cards, printers, scanners, digital camera, wireless cards, and mobile devices for compatibility with the operating system. Fortunately, help is available."
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good and bad
by Zedicus on Tue 14th Aug 2007 19:01 UTC
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this makes it sound harder then it really is. out of years of linux use i rarely come across things that dont work in linux. a few net/wireless cards can be finicky or non compliant, and i hear that x-fi still has no linux support. lexmark printers suck (in linux, in general, the choice is yurs). ive used lots of scanners and cameras in linux, basically anything that follows standards in its connection profile will work fine. the things that dont work are the 9.99$ specials that u shouldnt be buying to begin with.

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