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Linspire In a short story with a happy ending, the developer of a free version of Linspire called Freespire has agreed to change the name of his project, and Linspire is offering free copies of Linspire Linux for a few days. Freespire, which first popped up on Distrowatch last week, described itself as a free variant of Linspire Linux, with proprietary components and trademarks removed.
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RE: What nerve!
by Anonymous on Thu 1st Sep 2005 15:48 UTC in reply to "What nerve!"
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Hmmm...firstly i don't think they "went after him" as you put it. Secondly the name was changed because of confusion it created, i.e Freespire is implying a free version of Linspire, which it isn't as a lot of the Linspire goodies are missing. And it was not Linspire that faught MS over Lindows, it was MS who faught over Lindows ... big difference. I don't think that there ar eany hard feelings between the projects.

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