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Microsoft "Microsoft, apparently, is helping the folks at Mono to port Silverlight to Linux. This is good news, as the primary fear I've heard from developers is that Silverlight will be locked to Microsoft platforms and products. Microsoft has already committed to supporting Silverlight cross-browser on Windows, and has a version that runs on Mac OS X (which is even available from the Apple web site). The last step is Linux, and Microsoft is working with Novell and Mono to make this happen."
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RE[2]: Linux the final step?
by WarpKat on Tue 14th Aug 2007 21:28 UTC in reply to "RE: Linux the final step?"
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Indeed. If he really wants to take into account the 'sales and marketing PR part of it,' hardly anyone in a suit has heard of *BSD. It's all about that big generation gap thingamabob.

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