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BeOS & Derivatives "FalterCon 2007 took place on August 11, and it went quite well (IMHO, of course). Here I would like to share my personal impressions of the event, as well as make a few (somewhat) related observations. When the news of the WalterCon cancellation broke out and I read about some people being left with non-refundable air tickets, my first reaction was 'OK, let's do something with these guys'. A few emails later with Mike Summers, Bryan Varner and Urias, we had decided on having a community gathering which, as many of you know, was to later be called FalterCon (yes, pun intended). In approximately two weeks, we found a venue (and a good one!), had this website running, prepared some nice promo material, and were able to gather nine people willing to attend. All in all, I think we did pretty well given the very little time we had."
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froggy frag
by predictor on Wed 15th Aug 2007 14:01 UTC
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" What you're saying is almost like asking Bill Gates to fix "that crazy window-oriented GUI".

Not quite what i said, now is it? Both Haiku and Windoze are window-oriented GUI's. Windows, however, doesn't damange users health by having them navigating through eons of menu levels (often missing the item, then having to do it all over again).

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