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Novell and Ximian In the wake of last week's ruling that Novell, and not SCO, controls the copyrights covering UNIX, Novell is reassuring Unix users that it has no plans to follow in SCO's footsteps. Given that the company is no longer in the business of selling UNIX, it has no reason to pursue any copyright claims.
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Novell will at least threaten to sue
by sbergman27 on Wed 15th Aug 2007 22:11 UTC
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Not now, of course. But when they are in dire straights, they will at least threaten it.

They are not winning their battle with Microsoft. And when push comes to shove, and after Hovsepian has been ousted, they will be casting about to make the most of their assets. The stockholders, the cold and uncaring bastards that they are, will demand it.

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