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Novell and Ximian In the wake of last week's ruling that Novell, and not SCO, controls the copyrights covering UNIX, Novell is reassuring Unix users that it has no plans to follow in SCO's footsteps. Given that the company is no longer in the business of selling UNIX, it has no reason to pursue any copyright claims.
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IBM won't buy a Linux vendor. Let me provide some insight into IBM's corporate culture. This is a company that watches its partners and competitors come and go over the years while it remains the iconic leader of business technology. If Novell fails, it will be survived by other Linux vendors. If Linux fails, it will be survived by other operating systems.

Novell isn't a linux vendor. They're a well established vendor of network/directory/management software solutions that also happens to distribute linux based solutions. The netware side of the business may be in decline, but there is still a significant install base and Novell has their hooks into many large enterprises around the world. Given the fact that IBM is Novell's largest reseller and that IBM is determined to expand their managed services offering in every which direction they can, I don't think a Novell acquisition would be out of the question. Plus they already have a not insignificant capital investment in Novell. It's either that or risk it dropping into somebody else's hands, say HP or Sun. Or worse.

But as to what would happen with the SUSE portion of the business, you raise a good point because I doubt IBM really wants to play there. But who knows? They've never forgiven RH for the JBoss acquisition and Oracle is beating the linux drum, so it might not be that far fetched.

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