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Gnome "We want to develop a free and complete set of user friendly applications and desktop tools, similar to CDE and KDE but based entirely on free software." Those were the opening lines of Miguel De Icaza's email announcing the GNU Network Object Model Environment, better known as GNOME, exactly (in my timezone) ten years ago, on 15th August 1997. They have come a long way from this, to this.
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by lindkvis on Thu 16th Aug 2007 08:15 UTC in reply to "GMC"
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"Well, Nautilus' speed still sucks, but at least we still have our command shells, right?"

The last version of Nautilus that ever slowed me down doing graphical file management was around Gnome 2.8 or 2.10.

Also, just because Metacity doesn't have the features you like, does not mean it is awful. It is a brilliantly designed window manager that integrates perfectly, is incredibly stable and has a sane theming and configuration system.

Pretty much the perfect window manager for people that don't care about what a window manager is, which is the majority of computer users.

It still has far more features that window managers of today's commercial operating systems.

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