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Amiga & AROS In a discussion on Amiga forum site The Amigans, the Friedens twin brothers (developers of AmigaOS 4.0 exec kernel) revealed that the complete Amiga OS architecture will move ahead to a new design. The new AmigaOS (let's call it AmigaOS 4+1) will include some sort of virtual environment in which old (AmigaOS 4.0) applications will run as separate tasks, in their own address space. MorphOS, an Amiga-like operating system, employs a similar method to allow for compatibility with older Amiga 3.x applications. AmigaWorld of course also discusses the matter.
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what about memory protection and utf8 support for example?
don't you think they are major issues too?

especialy memory protection. any badly behaving program can trash the whole system. that's what happen.. a lot!
countless crashs and reboot.
saying it's stable on your computer is simply not true.

everybody knows even best programs aren't 100% bug free.
and when the OS cannot manage programs thrashing memory or killing OS resources because of bugs or intentionnal malicious code, what happen is crash, reboot and total insecurity.

for example yesterday night i tryed latest Scalos desktop replacement. agreed it's still beta software, but since there isn't any form of protection in the system, i ended up crashing and rebooting something like 30 times in 4 hours time. this is inacceptable in 2007 for an operating system to let this happen.

if what i said wasn't true, why on earth do you think official OS4 development team are planning implementing memory protection in a future OS update at all ?

of course it's true. you cannot expect any user to select only good behaving applications and hope and pray
everything will go smooth. you cannot expect developpers to make 100% bug-free programs .. this is ridiculous.

i'm eagerly waiting for memory protection to be implemented in Amiga system

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