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Amiga & AROS In a discussion on Amiga forum site The Amigans, the Friedens twin brothers (developers of AmigaOS 4.0 exec kernel) revealed that the complete Amiga OS architecture will move ahead to a new design. The new AmigaOS (let's call it AmigaOS 4+1) will include some sort of virtual environment in which old (AmigaOS 4.0) applications will run as separate tasks, in their own address space. MorphOS, an Amiga-like operating system, employs a similar method to allow for compatibility with older Amiga 3.x applications. AmigaWorld of course also discusses the matter.
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first you're wrong about JKFF .
JKFF is a program (system patch) to be able to display and input Japanese on Amiga. i know this well, cause i live in Japan, and helped the Morphos port to happen too, cause i live in Japan and need Japanese support.
Unfortunatly this program doesn't work on OS4 because of API changes Hyperion did. but i'm glad they did.
the OS need to evolve. it won't go anywere sticking to the old 3.x API.. so JKFF can be used from OS1.3 to OS3.9 and morphos too. you can test it, if you understand Japanese.

Then about memory protection on OS4.
OS4 only have partial memory protection so far (not full MP)
it isn't enough to prevent system crashs.
(see my ealier post about when i tested Scalos for example..)

Regarding me posting on
i own an AmigaOne XE (G4 model) So i think i fit well in the picture ;)
in the past i had a Pegasos with Morphos too, but i sold it.. this is another topic. but suffice to say i didn't liked morphos devs and morphos itself. it's even more sticking to the old Amiga OS3.x API from 1993 than OS4 does. for my point of view morphos stagnate instead of moving foward.

and for the record i owned many Amiga , mainly an A1200 and an A4000 both with PPC accelerator and gfx cards.
i have now an AmigaOne with OS4 and had a pegasos too.
i know quite well what i'm talking about thanks ;)

the problem isn't Scalos crashing. it's beta software.
the problem is when Scalos crash, the whole system freeze , crash or reboot.. it bring down the whole machine ;)

if there was MP, then OS4 would kill the badly behaving app *before* it could endanger the whole OS ..

Any other program can take the whole system down.
IBrowse, does it quite well too , in fact,
the OS itself crash on it's own too.
moving some files around , copying, deleting.. %...%.. and ooops.. reboot

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