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Amiga & AROS In a discussion on Amiga forum site The Amigans, the Friedens twin brothers (developers of AmigaOS 4.0 exec kernel) revealed that the complete Amiga OS architecture will move ahead to a new design. The new AmigaOS (let's call it AmigaOS 4+1) will include some sort of virtual environment in which old (AmigaOS 4.0) applications will run as separate tasks, in their own address space. MorphOS, an Amiga-like operating system, employs a similar method to allow for compatibility with older Amiga 3.x applications. AmigaWorld of course also discusses the matter.
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RE: hm..
by freaks on Thu 16th Aug 2007 15:29 UTC in reply to "hm.."
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@ __xodam__

maybe yes, but there's not malware on Amiga.
no virus either.. too few users for that.

so the only malware you get is normal applications you use everyday that write in memory where they shouldn't thus crashing the OS. full MP would prevent that. that would be a good first step toward stability.

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