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Amiga & AROS In a discussion on Amiga forum site The Amigans, the Friedens twin brothers (developers of AmigaOS 4.0 exec kernel) revealed that the complete Amiga OS architecture will move ahead to a new design. The new AmigaOS (let's call it AmigaOS 4+1) will include some sort of virtual environment in which old (AmigaOS 4.0) applications will run as separate tasks, in their own address space. MorphOS, an Amiga-like operating system, employs a similar method to allow for compatibility with older Amiga 3.x applications. AmigaWorld of course also discusses the matter.
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RE[2]: Amiga
by freaks on Thu 16th Aug 2007 17:47 UTC in reply to "RE: Amiga"
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can you read the previous post i made please ? i answered that question already.. why it matters.. if ppl want to get into Amiga they'll encounter that kind of problem too.

not that i care that much, i have this AmigaOne but it's not my primary machine, i use linux 99% of the time.
I bought that AmigaOne for fun, to follow evolution of the OS.. which isn't happening much anyway. So i started inquiering aboout it and it all started.

@ __xoram__
i understand what you say, and it's true.
but inquiring about memory support already gets ppl moderated (in most case) and banned (in my case).
now if we ask for both multiuser and MP in the same time i think they'll go berserk ;)


yes it's true it's not the first time i inquiered about utf8 support and MP status on Amiga. i ask time to time, and i'm not the only one. same for MP. this is a recurent debate. which is not progressing much.
can't see it happening anytime soon, unfortunately.

and as long as thoses aren't implemented that AmigaOne is almost useless for me.

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