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Novell and Ximian In the wake of last week's ruling that Novell, and not SCO, controls the copyrights covering UNIX, Novell is reassuring Unix users that it has no plans to follow in SCO's footsteps. Given that the company is no longer in the business of selling UNIX, it has no reason to pursue any copyright claims.
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RE[4]: Open Message to Novell
by Moulinneuf on Thu 16th Aug 2007 18:44 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Open Message to Novell"
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"Sigh! "

Using utterance does not help your case here. It just show , that you lacked respect and understanding for what I offered and don't consider me worthy of participating in the discussion. When , in this case you are completely irrelevant.

"OIN is for patents, not copyright."

"Open Invention NetworkSM is an intellectual property company "

There's more to OIN then just patent. look up there contract , portfolio and what's under it.

"There was (and still is) ... have Unix code released under the GPL. "

Your contradicting yourself here , if the UNIX code is not GPL and in OIN , then it's not "already in IT." There is also the missed realization that if both come together it's a huge thing.

"Zip it yourself. "

No , because I am not the one who is making irrelevant comment here.

"Unix code is already open source insofar as Unix 32V (ancient Unix) and the BSDs go."

Talking about the rest here ... BSD as legal status problem anyway , it's not real UNIX anyway , nor real Open Source. There not part of OIN either.

"There are literally ...them:

Irrelevant here , explaining how things work does not make for an easy integration with something else , when the two are not legally permitted to be merged or integrated at the source together.

"(4) Linux is not a copy of Unix, so it doesn't matter anyway."

Your comment is what don't mater here , your attaching point that are irrelevant to the discussion , it's like me saying that the sun will go up at the beginning of the day , true , but it's irrelevant to the false point you made : that Unix Copyrights where already in OIN and GPL ...

"You seem very, very confused about the difference between patents and copyrights. "

No , I am not the one who is confused , here , at all , your the one who clearly stated that Unix copyright where already In OIN under the GPL. It's two point , no three point actually :

1) Not suing anyone over it
2) Making the code available under OIN
3) Making the code GPL.

"it is your understanding that is under question."

No , not at all , I ain't the one who suggested that Unix copyright where already part of OIN and under the GPL , who as been discussing the case based on Unix vs GNU/Linux and stating that the two are not the same , I never said they where , that's you who is trying to paint me as having said as much.

"I think you are very much out of touch here."

No , contrary to you , I know exactly what is tied to the Unix copyright. I just don't have billion of page of listing as interest to write.

" Linux has all the drivers, not Unix."

Your comment amount to : world war 2 is over what do you need the German , Sub , Plane and other technology for , you won ... It's technology , there is always something to be learned and to be integrated from the past and different technology.

"Linux is steadily eating Unix's lunch."

Where talking about the Restaurant franchise control here , not about lunch at lunch time and who serve the most of it.

I like the Unix Salad , GNU/Linux as a better one , but I will not discard the chance of being able to offer the Unix Salad too and making it free and accessible for all other's and part of the GNU/Linux offering.

You clearly understand that both are separate , why you fail to see why it would be great to free them , for all to use ( except the usual thief ) and make them compatible at the source , and stop the Novell competition from getting at it by bypassing contributing back. Is beyond me.

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