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GNU, GPL, Open Source The OSI License-Discuss mailing list has been ablaze for the past few days since Microsoft submitted its Permissive License to the OSI for official open source license approval. Jon Rosenberg, source program director for Microsoft, posted, "Microsoft believes that this license provides unique value to the open source community by delivering simplicity, brevity, and permissive terms combined with intellectual property protection."
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by maceto on Sun 19th Aug 2007 00:13 UTC
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OSI has to agree to the license if it meets the criteria or MS has won?

Well not really what I wanted to discuss but thought I'd let it hang in the air.

If MS gets these licenses approved, it does not matter for the anti MS people nor for enterprises. Why? The CIO has either made up his mind or will ask a geek that knows Linux within his IT dep. The CIO might ask some analysts org, like Forrester or others, they would be able to filter out the noise and give some advice+ tell the CIO that they should either have a lawyer look at the licenses to "adopt" or agree on only certain licenses to be used and what the risks are with some licenses.

If the MS license is a joke, can't really use it nothing to fear. If it's fine, let's discuss something else :-)

A tip: ask your CIO/CTO if they even know about MS open-source efforts...

Let's assume MS want to use oss when they have to because they see there is no way back, they can't flag the patents.. suing RedHat means Oracle,HP,IBM etc etc..

MS will start to open up when they need to to close a business deal and nothing more, nothing to see, nothing to discuss. Nice to see OSNEWS having this advert:

State government says Linux was too big a risk... right below "submit comments" this is PR/Marketing because MS is loosing business to OSS and the licenses are nothing more.

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