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Syllable, AtheOS The first development build after Syllable 0.6.4 is here, with the new USB and scanning subsystem. The project was contacted by the Python project concerning support for the upcoming Python 3, so far resulting in an upgrade of the Syllable Python port to the latest release version 2.5.1. Also this weekend, Syllable got a new window decorator in Vista style [screenshot], 7-Zip, UnRAR and UnACE.
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I like it...
by DeadFishMan on Sun 19th Aug 2007 23:31 UTC
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One of my old pet peeves with Syllable look-and-feel are the window decorators... Silly, I know... ;) But this one has a small problem: other than the color of the buttons, there is no visual indication whatsoever of which of the windows open is the active window. Well, there is a difference but it is very subtle. But I see that the improvements in that area are making their way in a steady pace.

It is nice to see that it is catching up with the big three in other areas as well: libusb, support to 7-zip, unrar, unace and scanner support through SANE are nice additions. If they can add CUPS into the mix, suddenly Syllable starts to be usable by a lot more of users than it is right now.

The only question remaining is: How easy is to develop for it? It is good to see that Python is going to be well supported across the platform but what about the native API? Here I believe that Haiku has a headaway as it is being built upon the old BeOS API, which is fairly complete, and it tries to be backwards compatible, thus if they reach this goal, they will have a large software platform to benefit from immediately.

I'm looking forward to see how Syllable and Haiku unfold as both projects show a lot of potential as desktop replacements in the future. Keep up the good work, Vanders and the other Syllable devs!

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