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Gnome Both GNOME and GARNOME 2.19.20 have been released. "This is our seventh development release on our road towards GNOME 2.20.0, which will be released in September 2007. New features are still arriving, so your mission is simple : Go download it. Go compile it. Go test it. And go hack on it, document it, translate it, fix it."
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Perhaps I'm an idiot, but I am one with a life.

I'm one of those "taking-a-sneek-peek-at-this-linux-thing-every-few-months" guys and try to keep just a little bit up by reading OSNews and other Linux and Gnome/Kde-related sites. Thank you for doing your very best to scare me.

As much as I would love to know about each and every silly thing in this world.. with 24 hours a day of which at least 8 ought to be used for sleep, another 8 for work and the last 8 hours for social activities (you know, things like working out, having sex and having fun), that has just become an impossibility.

Perhaps I was misinformed, but I do not call people idiots and I also do not assume I know 'facts' about people I don't know.

I would happily slap you in the face and call you betty, but unfortunately, I am usually a well mannered and friendly person.

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