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Syllable, AtheOS Kelly Wilson ported the Gnash Flash player clone to Syllable [screenshot], enabling the playing of Adobe Flash content. It uses the Boost C++ libraries, the SDL and Anti-Grain Geometry libraries for graphics rendering and FFMPEG for multimedia decoding. Work on the player is continuing to add the FreeType library and make the player native to Syllable, so it can be integrated in the web browser. Also, on some Adobe Flash news, an upcoming update will be supporting native h.264 videos, HE-AAC audio support, as well as hardware accelerated, multi-core enhanced full screen video playback.
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RE[3]: gnash & flash video...
by gilboa on Wed 22nd Aug 2007 16:57 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: gnash & flash video..."
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... While I don't agree with the OP ("Gnash sucks"), at least for me (Fedora 7/CentOS 5, x86_64, nVidia) gnash doesn't seem to handle YouTube videos.
Once I have some free time I'll see if I can dig some meaningful debug information and post a bug report about it.

Never the less, I rather have a semi-working open source Flash player the works on any platform/browser that bothers to port it then a stable (?), closed source player that only works on a -very- limited set * of platforms/browsers.

- Gilboa
* E.g. No 64bit support, no BSD/Solaris, etc.

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