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Hardware, Embedded Systems The Nivo is a new 'ultra thin' client device under development by British, not-for-profit organization Ndiyo. Its principle intended market is developing nations and the project is based upon a non-profit model. The aim of the project is to create hardware and software that can lower both financial and technical skill cost of computer service provision.
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Incorrect phrase
by xultz on Wed 22nd Aug 2007 19:42 UTC
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I dont think that sentence is correct:
"Performance: The maximum capability of each client machine can never exceed the total capability of the server divided by the demands being made by the other clients. So, if five clients are making maximum demands upon the server at the same moment, the capability of each client is 1/5 of the total capacity of that server."
I dont know exactly the software solution of Nivo, but my experience with LTSP is different. Even with 10 users logged on a server, it is possible to use near to 100% of the CPU. It is normal to use a computer and not use much CPU cicles. For example, how much CPU am I using right now, writing that text? Near zero. Most of our everyday work uses near zero CPU power. So, it is possible to use near the total power of a server (meaning CPU and RAM capacity).

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