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Linux It is not too surprising that Ubuntu came in first in's 2007 Desktop Linux Market Survey, or that Firefox was the topmost browser by far. More interesting is that for the first time ever in the site's annual surveys, GNOME surpassed KDE among desktop environments (45% over 35%), with Xfce a solid third (8%).
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RE[2]: Gnome vs KDE
by john on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 01:40 UTC in reply to "RE: Gnome vs KDE"
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> Definitely Ubuntu played a major role (if not THE role) in putting Gnome ahead of KDE

Please, stop !

Who is the major contributor of Gnome ?
Probably RedHat/Fedora.

> I just can't wait KDE's response.

KDE is not a distribution.

Sorry superman, but put in context, I'll have to side with Budd on this one.

He didn't say that Ubuntu was the major contributor of Gnome. He said that Ubuntu played a major role in Gnome coming out ahead of KDE. As far as the poll is concerned, which is the topic of the article, that is probably true. Even though the Ubuntu column included all of the variants, I suspect the majority were using Ubuntu, and most likely, Gnome. Taking his comment out of context so you could slam him and plug Fedora at the same time isn't exactly fair.

As for his comment about KDE, I suspect he is referring to the release of KDE4. I know that a lot of Gnome users (myself included) are looking forward to seeing what it has to offer.

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