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Windows "Details about the first OEM systems equipped with Windows Home Server are leaking out on to the 'net, and it looks like HP is going to get the ball rolling with its MediaSmart Home Server. Prices for the units were accidentally posted on several sites, such as PC Mall and, and it looks like the server will have a US list price of USD 596 for the 500GB version and USD 745 for the 1TB version."
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Why can't people figure it out??!!
by embleau on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 14:09 UTC
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WHS is NOT just a simple NAS!!

* Centralized Backup - Allows backup up to 10 PCs,[6] using Single Instance Store technology to avoid multiple copies of the same file, even if that file exists on multiple PCs.
* Health Monitoring - Can centrally track the health of all PCs on the network, including antivirus and firewall status.
* File Sharing - Offers network shares for commonly used files like MP3s and videos with network-attached storage.
* Printer Sharing - Allows a centralized print server to handle print jobs for all users.
* Previous Versions - Takes advantage of Volume Shadow Copy Services to take point in time snapshots that allow older versions of files to be recovered.
* Headless Operation - No monitor or keyboard attached to the device itself, much like a firewall or router.
* Remote administration - Provides a client UI to remotely perform administrative tasks. Also allows Remote Desktop connections to the server.
* Remote Access Gateway - Allows access to any PC on the network from outside the home.
* Media Streaming - Can stream media to an Xbox 360 or other devices supporting Windows Media Connect.
* Data redundancy - Guards against a single drive failure by duplicating data across multiple drives.
* Expandable Storage - Provides a unified single and easily expandable storage space, removing the need for drive letters.

Read and educate yourselves..... then bash away if you'd like, but at least make it look like you at least READ about it first.

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