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AMD Phil Hester, AMD's chief technology officer, stopped by the Hot Chips conference here at Stanford University on Tuesday to talk a little more about Fusion, AMD's plan to integrate a graphics processor and PC processor onto the same chip. By the time the chip is ready around 2009, Hester thinks the growing explosion of video and 3D graphics on PCs these days will require an affordable chip that still delivers great graphics performance.
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interesting if more can be done
by garfield on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 14:47 UTC
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I was just thinking, considering that AMD have to make a decision regarding using either gddr or plain old ddr(2?) ram for the integrated board, I've long thought it would be great to be able to add extra ram to a video card. Would sure make my old 6800 go for a little longer. But then they'd get less people upgrading video cards less often, I guess (cynic alert).

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