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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "In this article, I'll compare Ubuntu 7.04 with the upcoming release of PC-BSD 1.4. Having used both operating systems extensively, PC-BSD is the one I recommend and the one I install in desktop environments. If you've used Ubuntu before, but haven't tried PC-BSD, give it a try. The increase in responsiveness (i.e., everything seems to just run faster) and ease-of-use will surprise you."
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by Core Duo on Thu 23rd Aug 2007 18:25 UTC in reply to "PBIs"
Core Duo
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1. As far as I know, they bloat the system adding static linked libraries (per application installed using the PBIs).

This is FUD. Have you tried PC-BSD? Honestly, I say honestly, did it use more space that any other system? The truth is it doesn't use more space.

2. By (1), they remove the possibility of updating core libraries to be used on all the applications for fixing bugs, adding functionality or improving performance.

Did you feel the system slower? It is actually slightly faster than other systems. Just try it please, I mean try it for real.

3. The PBIs and the FreeBSD Port system (ports, port collection, pkgsrc, etc.) are two completely opposite ways of doing package management, and, being BSD, the PBIs are an unstandard way of installing things on FreeBSD

This is correct. So?

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