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Internet & Networking "Microsoft has released a new showcase of its Silverlight web development frameworks, a graphical search engine called Tafiti. Tafiti, which means 'do research' in Swahili, is an experimental frontend to Microsoft's Live Search engine. It presents search options in three panes on the screen: the left pane is for entering search queries and switching between image, RSS, Web, and News, the middle pane contains the search results, and the right pane is used to 'dock' results using drag-and-drop for looking at later."
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Just like everything else
by leos on Fri 24th Aug 2007 14:45 UTC
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If you look around the field of data visualization, these kinds of interfaces are a dime a dozen. And ultimately (as the author of the article also realized) they're pretty much useless.
Yes it looks pretty, yes there's the odd feature that might be neat, but it is still far inferior to just plain text search that we already have. What I really want to see is a showcase that is actually BETTER than what can be currently done. Not just prettier with more animations, but something that people would actually use on a day to day basis. Producing something like that is much harder, and I don't think Silverlight offers anything that can't already be done with Flash or XUL or SVG.

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