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Microsoft Microsoft will launch several projects around Linux and other open source technologies for allowing Indian customers the option to run its products on different operating systems and technologies. The initiative, to be rolled out in around a month's time, is aimed at grabbing "more market share for the Windows platform by allowing interoperability with open source technologies such as Linux," said Radhesh Balakrishnan, director, platform strategy, Microsoft India.
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Taking Ben Laurie Out of Context
by WarpKat on Fri 24th Aug 2007 17:29 UTC
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I didn't believe that the one line they quote from Ben Laurie was the complete statement he had made. Here's the complete statement:

Ben Laurie also notes that "although it’s still often used as an argument, it seems quite clear to me that the ’many eyes’ argument, when applied to security, is not true [..] Once you have found a bug, many eyes will, and indeed, do, make fixing it quick and easy" (Laurie 2006, 60).

Microsoft just quotes the first sentence and never the rest of the intent of that statement. Of course, this is Microsoft we're discussing here, not Ben Laurie.

Is credibility thrown out the window at this point?

I think so.

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