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Linux "The development of the kernel has changed, and Linux is just getting better and better. However, with a community as large and fractured as the Linux community, it can sometimes be hard to get a big picture overview of where Linux is going: what's happening with kernel version 2.6? Will there be a version 3.0? What has Linus been up to lately? What does he get up to in his spare time? I had the opportunity to chat with the original creator of the Linux kernel, Linus Torvalds, in a number of email exchanges."
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Gotta Love Linus
by Jezza on Fri 24th Aug 2007 18:55 UTC
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APC: Out of curiosity, do you have anything to say to hardware manufacturers who refuse to release datasheets or specifications about the functioning of their hardware so it could operate with the Linux kernel?

Linus: Is "I hope you all die a painful death" too strong?

You just have to love Linus for his direct and honest attitude, even if it isn't particularly helpful...

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