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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y It was a long time in coming, but Microsoft has finally acknowledged that its anti-Linux site had gone past the point of usefulness. On August 23, Microsoft pulled plug on the 'Get the Facts' site, replacing it with a new Windows Server 'Compare' site. "The goal of the site is to offer more in-depth information and customer-to-customer opinions about many of the issues IT administrators face," a company spokeswoman said. "It turns out people wanted 3rd party validation in addition to people's experiences making OS purchasing decisions so in addition to customer case studies, research reports that compare platforms the site will also offer guidance around best practices, web casts, etc."
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by ideasman42 on Fri 24th Aug 2007 23:58 UTC
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Do people really take this stuff seriously? I mean real people, not technology zealots that read OSNews.

As if you trust what a company has to say about its competition?

Just like to point to the image on the right hand side..

Shows a newspaper titled "The Highly Reliable Times" - Is that a joke or what? - it seems fairly lame - .... like "We THINK we are news but we are not, because no paper would publish it, so lets pretend they did and impress you with it"

Also, Is it just me or does the dude at the top of the screen look condescending.

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