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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable's resident graphics designer Ruud Kuin has published the first issue of his Syllable Development Newsletter [screenshot]. This new project is a continuation of the SDN magazines by Michael Saunders that were popular around two years ago. The first issue contains five main articles and five smaller ones, for a total of eleven pages, by six contributors. Subjects range from a developer interview to the first part of a programming tutorial series. It is accompanied by an archive that conveniently collects software that was released recently: three pieces this time.
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font, images, and author headshots
by JohnMG on Sat 25th Aug 2007 00:14 UTC
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Wow. Fancier and more professional-looking than I expected. ;) Nice use of the Syllable logo and colorscheme.

I liked the sans-serif font for headings, captions, and abstracts, but I think a serif would look better for the main body text.

The pictures of the authors were a bit odd. I'd prefer to see real pictures instead. If the authors feel weird about having their pictures in there, use photos of their choosing, or else maybe even pseudorandom photos, Greenspun-style.

Just my 2.

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