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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable's resident graphics designer Ruud Kuin has published the first issue of his Syllable Development Newsletter [screenshot]. This new project is a continuation of the SDN magazines by Michael Saunders that were popular around two years ago. The first issue contains five main articles and five smaller ones, for a total of eleven pages, by six contributors. Subjects range from a developer interview to the first part of a programming tutorial series. It is accompanied by an archive that conveniently collects software that was released recently: three pieces this time.
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Hi John;

JohnMG wrote:I liked the sans-serif font for headings, captions, and abstracts, but I think a serif would look better for the main body text.

You're absolutely right John, next issue will need a more readable body text font.

JohnMG wrote: The pictures of the authors were a bit odd. I'd prefer to see real pictures instead.

The authors were asked what they rather had, iconheads was the answer. ;)
Just kidding.
It is the vector styled images that made this SDN not TOO heavy (in size...)
And no real photographs were available, so maybe next time.


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