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Syllable, AtheOS Syllable's resident graphics designer Ruud Kuin has published the first issue of his Syllable Development Newsletter [screenshot]. This new project is a continuation of the SDN magazines by Michael Saunders that were popular around two years ago. The first issue contains five main articles and five smaller ones, for a total of eleven pages, by six contributors. Subjects range from a developer interview to the first part of a programming tutorial series. It is accompanied by an archive that conveniently collects software that was released recently: three pieces this time.
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RE: Uneven quality...
by Vanders on Sat 25th Aug 2007 09:39 UTC in reply to "Uneven quality..."
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The one on multithreading was short and sweet, but only really spoke about messages, and even then, in no useful amount of details: it was much like the last two "Pirates of the Carribean" movies: it felt much like a trailer for the next n movies, instead of something that was self-coherent and useful by itself.

That's because it is. It's the first in a series of articles that will introduce the Syllable API and programming with the API. The problem is, you have to start somewhere, and that means you at least need a basic theoretical grasp of threads and messages.

The series will be developed through SDN and then moved into our documentation to act as a full tutorial.

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