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Microsoft Microsoft will launch several projects around Linux and other open source technologies for allowing Indian customers the option to run its products on different operating systems and technologies. The initiative, to be rolled out in around a month's time, is aimed at grabbing "more market share for the Windows platform by allowing interoperability with open source technologies such as Linux," said Radhesh Balakrishnan, director, platform strategy, Microsoft India.
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by walterbyrd on Sat 25th Aug 2007 12:19 UTC in reply to "RE: err..."
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>>The paranoia around Microsoft is hilariously inappropriate. <<

Maybe you're not aware of msft's sordid history?

This is the company that bald faced lied to the US-DoJ with video taped testimony. Msft told similar lies to the EU.

Are you aware of the letters-from-dead-people astroturf campaign? How about the msft financed scox-scam? Or msft bogus TCO studies? Or bogus msft sponsored benchmark studies? How about msft sponsoring phony think tanks like AdTI? How about msft rigging windows to not work with drdos? How about msft using shill "journalists" like Enderle? How about msft customers being sued because of msft's patent violations?

Msft's ebrace-extend-extingish strategy is not anti-msft paranoria. It is a well established fact. Msft has been successfully sued over this.

Msft astroturfing:

Fake TCO:

Microsoft Tax Scam

Bestbuy rackteering

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