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Mac OS X Apple appears to be accelerating seeds of Mac OS X Leopard to developers. After only 5 days since the last seed (9A500n), Apple has issued a new version of Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard to developers. The latest seed is listed at build 9A527 (client) and 9A528a (server), and reportedly list a number of less significant 'known issues' compared to prior seeds.
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RE[2]: Extra Details
by exigentsky on Sat 25th Aug 2007 23:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Extra Details"
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You can reason that way, but it is not so obvious. In fact, Apple even concedes this by showing a more descriptive function when the mouse hovers over each button. Of course people will learn after just a few minutes, but the key is to be so intuitive that it wouldn't even take that long. This is why the iPhone is so amazing.

This is not only my complaint. Many usability experts dislike this design as well. But I suppose it's impossible to get modded up on OSNEWS if one provides constructive criticism of Apple. How dare I say the Dock has issues, the menu bar was a mess and that the window controls could be made friendlier?! Seriously, even as a relatively happy Mac user, this bias is getting annoying.

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