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OSNews, Generic OSes Today, 26th August 2007, OSNews has turned exactly ten years old. For a decade now, OSNews has been giving you the latest news on operating systems, its major applications, and a whole lot of other technology related things. We covered the demise of Be, Inc. we have seen 10 different years of Linux-on-the-desktop, we reported the release of Windows XP, and so much more. Thank you for reading, commenting, and complaining on OSNews for ten years now - we could not have done it without you.
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RE: Congratulations.
by csousa on Sun 26th Aug 2007 22:56 UTC in reply to "Congratulations."
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I agree! Most of the time the so called "news" is copy-paste from other news sites (slashdot many times), ruled by advertisers.

Sorry, about that!

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