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Hardware, Embedded Systems Taiwan's leading computer seller Acer is to take over US PC maker Gateway in a USD 710m deal. The takeover will create the world's third largest producer of personal computers, with shipments of more than 20 million PCs and sales of USD 15bn. The deal may also see Acer try to block Chinese rival Lenovo from buying Packard Bell's operations in Europe.
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Not sure if this is Gateway's death nell
by MissinBeOS on Mon 27th Aug 2007 17:42 UTC
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I'm using a Gateway right now at home -- I have no complaints with it; nice, solid speedy machine, beautiful widescreen monitor.

I'm really ambivalent about Acer buying Gateway. I think that, unless Acer keeps the Gateway brand as its own separate business unit, that it's going to be subsumed and wither away to nothing. People in the U.S., at least, aren't as familiar with the Acer brand as they are with Gateway, Dell, Compaq (yeah, I know, Compaq is pretty much gone now) and Apple as computer brands. Unless Acer handles this very carefully, I think their investment is going to be for naught.

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