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Windows A curious network performance reduction noticed by many Windows Vista users of the 2CPU forum that became the talk of Slashdot last week has been identified as having been caused not by DRM, as Slashdot users expected, but by a curious prioritization 'feature' of Vista that's intentionally biased toward Media Player at the expense of network and system resources.
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by merkoth on Tue 28th Aug 2007 03:31 UTC
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Now that's a bug. What I find really strange is that, given the wide open release candidate testing Vista had (can anyone count how many reviews/previews did it have months away from business release, let alone public release?) no one noticed this bug? I won't even mention the dozen QA testers that MS surely has, but someone should had noticed this, unless no one tried to surf the web and listen to some music with WMP at the same time...

Even so, Mr. Gates says that "there's no reason to wait for SP1 to use Vista". Makes you think, doesn't it?

Disclaimer: I'm a linux guy, I'm probably very biased in my opinions, but this is a huge brain fart.

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