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Windows A curious network performance reduction noticed by many Windows Vista users of the 2CPU forum that became the talk of Slashdot last week has been identified as having been caused not by DRM, as Slashdot users expected, but by a curious prioritization 'feature' of Vista that's intentionally biased toward Media Player at the expense of network and system resources.
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RE[3]: I call BS
by MollyC on Tue 28th Aug 2007 03:48 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: I call BS"
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"I mean if a Dual Core can't run an MP3, somethings up. "

You're darn right "something is up", and that "something" is described in great detail by Microsoft's Russinovich. So I'm still unsure what exactly is your and the other guy's point.

Are you upset that Russinovich explanation isn't damning enough? He described the implementation of this design as "short-sighted" in that it didn't take into account Gigabit networks. Maybe "short-sighted" isn't strong enough for you, so use whatever adjective you want if it makes you feel better.

Or are you calling Russinovich a liar?

If you have a point, can you make it clear by stating it plainly?

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