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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "This article will briefly discuss the new features found within Gutsy Gibbon and hopefully give you a better idea of what to expect when the final version of Gutsy Gibbons is released in October. Some of the more notable new features are a Graphical Configuration tool for X, improvements in plug-in handling for Mozilla Firefox, revamped printing system with PDF printing by default, fast user switching, new desktop search (Tracker) application and the new AppArmor security framework."
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I don't mind most of your argument, but I'm quite perplexed that anyone advocates one interface over another based on an icon set or the look of widgets when reconfiguring those are just a few mouse clicks away.

Yes, Gnome is quite nice. However, I use multiple desktop environments, and I greatly value the ability to configure each one so as to make switching as interruption-free as possible. KDE with Konqueror is much more consistent than Gnome with its usual bevy of applications that have their own keystroke assignments, some of which cannot be reconfigured.

KDE is almost the best at this of any environment. There are a few more common cross-application bindings that it could implement, so that for example, you can imitate OSX's Command-, keystroke which consistently opens the application's preferences.

While KDE and Gnome leapfrog each other in many ways, Gnome's philosophy seems to prevent it from suiting this strong preference of mine - and perhaps other people.

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